Digital Strategist

Aileen O'Toole

Challenging and Transforming

Visual direction and brand identity

I worked closely with Aileen to determine how to present her services, abilities and accomplishments online. We designed a new logo and brand identity, art directed a portrait photoshoot and designed and developed a website to bring it all together.

The personal website

Aileen's website serves as a focal point to bring together the different strands of her work as a digital strategist, a chartered director and as a social change catalyst.

Twitter is the main channel for Aileen's communications with her audiences and became a central element of the website design showcasing discussions and social contributions.

Inspirational architecture

We selected the National Gallery of Ireland as the location for photography; what we didn't anticipate was that the architectural styles would have an influence on the design of the brand identity and website.

The clean lines, shapes and cuts, light and colour tones in the modern wing of the gallery influenced the customisation of the logo typography and the layout styles for printed stationery and details on the website. The diagonal cut for the letter 'i' in the logo also serves as graphic element that supports and extends the brand identity providing flexibility in application.