Unique voices

Clodagh Emoe

The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time

"These poems have an imaginative power which becomes somehow visceral through their layering on to Irish settings... an insight into what it is to exist in two places simultaneously, a feeling deeply understood by many migrants."

Senator Alice Mary Higgins

Poetry creating bridges

The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time is an art project and poetry anthology by Clodagh Emoe and Crocosmia, a collaboration between the artist and a group of writers seeking asylum in Ireland.

To ensure the poems remain open for the reader's imagination we decided that the design approach should be minimal not including images or other visuals that could be seen as interpretation of the writers work.

Instead we referenced cartography, contours of countries where the poems are set float on empty pages throughout the book. Isolating country shapes from their neighbours and their usual place on the map, the linear forms symbolise the experience of the asylum seekers disconnected from their homelands.

"My experience working with John was both insightful and enjoyable.
It was more like a collaboration primarily because he completely engaged with the project’s aims to represent those who are not adequately represented.
His commitment to the project ensured that the design became integral to the project as a whole. John’s experience with printed material was invaluable as he guided me through the entire process of publication from start to finish."

Clodagh Emoe

Contours and connections

This publication and its distribution to to public libraries in Ireland extends the reach of the art project and discloses the hidden narratives and realities of these writers to a wider audience.

Representations of the seven countries overlap and come together, the borders superimpose and confuse. This represented space, and the project as a whole, advances an alternate conception of community that is centred on relations that are formed across categories of nations.

Clodagh Emoe awards and commendations

The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time

Selected for Art and Architecture Interwoven 

Curated by Oonagh Young, produced by Temple Bar Art Gallery for the Dublin Art Book Fair 2017