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Reclaiming the past, embracing the future

When the Defence Forces decided to develop an updated brand identity, a key decision was to reclaim the official Irish language name "Óglaigh na hÉireann",. This was to be accompanied by "Defence Forces Ireland" and the traditional badge. We set about designing a new logo, brand identity including stationery, printed publications and exhibition materials. Alongside this work we re-designed and developed the main website incorporating an open approach to social media for the first time in the organisations history.

Updating an icon

At a glance the Defence Forces badge design looks the same as the original version; however it has a number of subtle updates which make it more robust when reproduced at small sizes. Some of the graphic changes included removing details of lines inside the flame shapes, restoring some details of the original badge shapes and making the colour values stronger.

Print layout

All print designs were structured around a grid presenting type and photography. The typographic approach is bold reflecting the nature of the organisation and colour treatments varied for each Corps: Army, Air Corps and Naval Services.

The printed literature uses a distinctive pinstripe design developed not only to enhance the family of graphic assets in the brand identity; but also to allow for more consistency in printing flat areas of colour on standardised publications that did not include visual imagery.

"From the outset John and his teams quality of work was exciting and their inherent understanding of a complex and diverse brief was impressive.
The Defence Forces required a strategic approach to the project; but with an understanding of the realities of implementation and John certainly provided that. One of his real strengths is an obvious basis in design and then creatively making the technology fit that design in an easy to use and common sense approach. John and his staff were always friendly, available and yet could diplomatically point out potential pitfalls and suggest ways forward for the project.
I am delighted with the end project which is a class leading website with full social media integration and an easy to use interface which allows the website to be kept relevant, up to data and ensure its dynamism whilst always focused on value for money. I would highly recommend John to any design and web development project.

Pat O'Connor – Deputy Director Defence Forces PR Branch

The Military Archives

I worked on many design and development projects for the Military Archives including several websites, one of which was the main online repository of archival material including the Military Pensions Collection 1916.
Video introducton to the Military Archives website
"John and his team are thorough professionals and a dedicated service provider who continue to support our projects passionately from concept through to post launch support. Critically for a website service provider, they have an excellent understanding and appreciation of website user’s requirements and the representation of the content of our records. The innovative use of technology implemented has benefited our collections greatly allowing ease of access and understanding.
The level of detail and expertise provided by John and his team in the development of the Military Service Pensions Collection in particular has allowed the Military Archives present the project to a national and international audience in a manner we felt the collection deserved. They were also responsible for the very popular Bureau of Military History website which continues to reach researchers internationally and across Ireland."

Comdt Padraic Kennedy - The Military Archives Cathal Brugha Barracks

Defence Forces awards and commendations

Defence Forces Website

Best Gov and Council Website Winner

Irish Web Awards 2011

Best Gov and Council Website Finalist

Irish Web Awards 2012

Military Archives Website

Best Government Website Finalist

Irish Web Awards 2013

Best Irish Language Website Shortlist

Eircom Spiders 2013

Best New Web Application/Service Finalist

Irish Web Awards 2012