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Make Believe

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A journal about craft and creativity

Make Believe is an online journal of innovative writing about craft, design and creativity. Make Believe supports writing that is "beautiful, radical and wise."

The Make Believe Manifesto...

Objects are silent story-tellers. We give them a voice.

Making is magical. We will let its tale be told. Writing is craft. We need each other.

We seek a fuller dialogue between writing and craft.

Through conversations that dwell on what was once overlooked and refuse to follow the rule book or get bored.

Design approach

With a starting point steeped in the value of the written word, inspiration based on traditional format books and page turning provided direction.

The basic layout of the website is split in two halves as a book is. The navigation of articles is on the left hand panel and the reading area is to the right. When a selection is made on the left the cover slides from the right to reveal the article which can then be scrolled through.

Make Believe awards and commendations

Make Believe Website

Best Arts and Culture Website Finalist

Irish Web Awards 2015